Welcome to High Caliber Kennels.  Our goal here at HCK is to produce the highest caliber Dobermans for the discriminating family, working, and professional homes.  Our dogs are bred along classic European bloodlines to provide the ultimate Doberman experience that we are certain Herr Doberman himself would approve of.  Whether it's a loving pet home, working dog aspiring to competition greatness or professional applications that require a devil dog's presence, commitment and drive, our dogs fit the bill.

     Doberman's are a very unique breed of dog, their uncompromising loyalty and intellect makes training or working a very rewarding, positive interaction.  They do need copious amounts of exercise and attention, best results come from this combination, and of course lots of love.

     From day one our puppies are held and introduced to the human presence as we assist our birthing females with delivering their litter.  Top priority is given to early development in a home environment. 

     We are not concerned with "initial" accreditation's as some others however HCK Dobermans can be easily titled if one wanted to follow that path.  Our biggest concern is that our dogs integrate into an active, supportive role as a lifelong, friend, companion, and protector because that's what Doberman's do. 

     Is a Devil Dog right for you?



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